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About Journal

The IJIEMR is published by the SOLETE on quarterly basis with the aim to provide an appropriate platform presenting well considered, meaningful, constructively thought provoking, non-political and non-controversial but critically analyzing and synthesizing present and future aspects of Technical Education System with particular reference to our country. The contributors are expected to highlight various issues of Technical Education (incorporating disciplines of Engineering, Technology, Management, Architecture & Pharmacy, etc.,) along with meaningful suggestions for solution, refinement and innovations.

Hints for Preparation on Manuscript

IJIEMR is a peer reviewed Journal.
The Authors are fully responsible for the contributions.
Copyright clearance will be the sole responsibility of authors for their papers.
The paper should be mainly based on various aspects of Technical Education and Management preferably a qualitative one.
The Journal is NOT meant for publication of specialised research results in any discipline of Technical Education.
The paper should be limited to 10 printed pages of the Journal.
Manuscript MUST be submitted in duplicate, prepared as per the IJEMR Guidelines.
Neatly prepared illustrations (minimum possible) are to be enclosed separately.
Enough precaution should be taken to make the manuscript error free.
Soft Copy of the manuscript MUST accompany Hard Copy. Without Soft Copy, paper will not be entertained.
In view of the large responses from Technical Education fraternity and limited space available in the Journal, the publication may take usually 6 months to 1 year from the date of receipt of the manuscript subject to approval by the reviewers.
All contributors are requested to please co-operate by observing the above mentioned Guidelines strictly while sending the paper for publication in the IJIEMR through SOLETE.

SOLETE Book Publications


SOLETE publishes the Academic Books, Edited Books, Call for chapters through immortal publications.

Immortal Publications is an independent book publishing established in July 2019, It is based in Vijayawada, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It's an emerging peer-reviewed, academic publisher of student- friendly text books in Science, Engineering, Business & Management, Self-Help, Religion, Philosophy, Mind / Body / Spirit and Business titles, we publish an exciting range of Travel, Current affairs, Biography and popular Science Books as well.

The core objective of immortal publications is to provide a platform to first-time writers — young and dynamics.

We have stepped ahead from being a non-profit organization promoting Science and Engineering research worldwide without any discrimination to a publishing corporation.

SOLETE News Letters

SOLETE publishes the e-Newsletter on the official website of SOLETE for the benefit of all the members from January 2020 issue onwards.
The publication of e-Newsletter will avoid cost of printing and dispatching of Newsletter and promote prompt and timely receipt of communication apart from helping avoid losses/delays in postal transit. Also it reduces the usage of paper which will be helpful to prevent the ecological system by reducing the usage of timber for the production of paper.Check for updates